Eekos Gambia offers building, water, energy, waste and food services with the emphasis on sustainable living.

We are an international cooperative company based in the UK with Gambia being our first overseas agency.

Our services benefit from our UK members collaborating with our Gambian members to give a mix of professional knowledge and practical local experience.

Our emphasis on sustainable and appropriate technologies helps design and implement cost effective and practical systems.


Are you looking for a cost effective and well designed Gambian house?

We  focus on design that is appropriate for tropical living and reduces your energy needs for comfort.

Our builders are experienced and being locals understand the difficulty of getting materials, the building conditions and requirements.

For more information- our BUILDING section


From bore drilling to septic tank installation we can help you with water and waste systems for your house or business.

We also have members experienced in plumbing whether new installations of solar pumps and tanks or updating your system.

We are also able to offer sustainable solutions such as composting toilets, biological treatment and composting systems to reduce your water needs and re-use your wastes.

For more information- our WATER section


Remote energy services are most suitable for African conditions and allow independance from unreliable mains systems.

We have experience in solar installations and can help with other alternative systems such as wind.

For more information- our ENERGY section


Waste is simply a resource not yet used.

We focus on developing and implementing systems that reuse waste as a valuable resource.

We design and build composting toilets that produce productive fertiliser, greywater systems that feed food crops and composting facilities that reuse kitchen wastes for food production.

For more information- our WASTE section


Interested in producing a wide range of foods from around your house and greatly reducing your food bill and dependance on others?

We employ Permaculture design to design food production systems that require less inputs in fertilise and labour and give a year round supply of fruit, vegetables and meat..

For more information- our FOOD section