As part of our desire to promote sustainable building in Gambia we are presenting information that may help others to design and build houses that are more comfortable to live in and use less resources to build and maintain.

Gambia is experiencing large growth rates and building appropriate housing is essential. The current housing is influenced by housing in USA, and Europe and many features are not appropriate for the Gambian climate and are high energy in construction and operation.
Taking appropriate designs from other tropical regions around the world with more advanced housing such as tropical Americas, Australia and Asia will help build houses that are both enjoyable and low cost to live in.

Research into appropriate designs, materials and construction of building in Gambia.

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Design is the main influence in building for longevity and comfort. Good design involves an understanding of the environment you are building in and the use required by the occupants.
Below is some information that will help with sustainable house design in Gambia.

We have put together an essay on the Gambian environment and how it will influence house design. Handy for architect and designers, we hope you gain from it and we appreciate any comments that will help improve it.

Essay on Gambia Climate and House Design

The famous architect – Christopher Alexander – brought forward the idea of using well established patterns of use for helping design houses that are great to live in simply because they are designed around patterns established over many years.

We have identified patterns for the tropical climate of Gambia and are using them in our house designs and are available for other architects and designers who may find them useful.

House Design Patterns for Gambia

Perimeter walls in gambia