Solar bore and solar pump installation

We have been keeping our eyes to the online news as we have watched and read about the elections in Gambia, the New President, Adama Barrow and the departure Jameeh and his purported theft of over $10 million. If true, this theft is bad news, although with a obvious feeling of freedom starting to enter the country, it does appear that Gambia may be heading into better times once the new president has come back to run the country.

Meanwhile, we have a few quotes come through and are preparing them now.

Here are some more pictures of the recent bore and solar pump installation done by Ousman.

The water tower and tank installed.

The tank stores water and give “head” of pressure for taps. It also enables use of water overnight when no sun to run bore pump and enables short time use of more water than the pump can supply.






Installing solar system


Tower and solar system.