Eekos Gambia

We offer building, water, energy, waste and food services for Gambia with an emphasis on sustainable living



Eekos Gambia is available for a wide range of building services, from maintenance through to full house construction.
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We provide the complete water services for your house from borehole drilling, solar pumps to tank installation and household plumbing requirements.
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Eekos Gambia con install 12 volt and 240 systems into your house as well as solar and wind for independent systems.
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Using the Permaculture based sustainable design, we can provide design and installation of local fruit and vegetable food systems.
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We treat waste as a resource, so utilise composting toilets and recycling systems to take care of your property waste requirements.
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Sustainability includes taking care of natural systems and we can provide services to regenerate and maintain natural plant and animal systems.
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