WATER Services

If you are in need of a regular supply of water, then Gambia is blessed with a large underground reservoir that refills every year with the rains. 
We can help with a range of services that can ensure you have a year round water supply.

Our services include:

  • Bore drilling for a regular water supply in a safe, pipe lined bore.
  • Well digging if you wish to have a water supply that is accessible with a manual bucket.
  • Water tower erection for gravity pressure of water supply.
  • Solar panel installation for pumping up to the tank.
  • General plumbing services for new build houses and existing houses.
  • Farm irrigation services.

Bore Drilling Services – Ousman Janneh

Currently Eekos does not directly have a bore drilling service.
We subcontract and recommend Ousman Janneh and his team for your bore drilling services.

Contact Ousman directly in Gambia by phone – Mobile – +220 774 0340

Bore drilling prices start at d70 000 .

Prices for well building starts at d35 000.

Water tower and solar pumps – Ousman Janneh

For prices on tower, tank, pumps and solar panel supply and installation, please contact Ousman – Mobile – +220 774 0340.